Severud Associates Promotions

The experienced and expert engineering staff at Severud Associates is our most important asset. Therefore, we are proud to announce that J. Benjamin Alper has been named Associate Principal and Stephen Reichwein has been elevated to Senior Associate. Both have demonstrated a deep commitment to their profession and the firm.


Associate Principal

 J. Benjamin Alper has been a key member of the engineering staff of Severud Associates since his start in 2005. Throughout his career, Ben has taken on increasingly challenging projects and expanded his knowledge of structural systems, including the use of specialized materials such as fiber-reinforced polymers. Ben currently serves as a voting member of the ASCE 7-22 Minimum Design Loads committee as well as its Seismic Loads subcommittee. He is also active with NCSEA, NYC Buildings, and SEAoNY, where he is a past director. Ben’s portfolio of significant projects includes TSX Broadway in Manhattan, Weeksville Heritage Center–Education and Cultural Arts Building in Brooklyn, and the LA Forum renovation in Inglewood, California.


Senior Associate

Stephen Reichwein started his career with Severud Associates in 2008 as a summer intern and returned full time in 2009. His background in architectural engineering and his design experience have enabled him to engineer his clients’ visions effectively, regardless of their complexity. Steve is a leader of the firm’s parametric and algorithmic design team, a group whose analyses inform critical engineering decisions for major projects. These include the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas and Madison Square Garden V–The Transformation in New York, to which Steve made significant contributions. He currently serves on the ASCE 7-22 Wind Loads subcommittee.


These talented engineers, along with their colleagues, will keep Severud Associates at the forefront of the structural engineering profession, using best practices for safety, innovation, and economy in their designs and providing engaged service to clients.