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Rent Here and Eat Well

Developers are betting that full stomachs will equal happy renters.

Visit Times Square? These Projects Want You to Experience It

TSX Broadway, which will a feature a theater, a hotel, a shopping center and an outdoor stage, is the latest effort by developers to lure visitors.

Ian Schrager Debuts Immersive Digital Art On 20 Times Square’s Wraparound LED Billboard

Developer and entrepreneur Ian Schrager has commissioned two public art projects that have debuted at 20 Times Square, aka 701 Seventh Avenue. The site is home of the EDITION, a newly opened high-end hotel and is one of the newest buildings to be built at the crossroads of the world. The building is also home to one of the largest LED screens in the world. The billboard art is being curated by multimedia design studio Sila Sveta. One of the videos will show an interactive robotic installation that pays homage to Alexander McQueen’s Spring runway show from 1999. The LED board is located on the lower floors of the hotel which sits at the northeastern corner of West 47th Street and Seventh Avenue.

35XV a sequined skyscraper in Manhattan by FXCollaborative

The Manhattan skyscraper designed by FXCollaborative recalls a sparkling sequined dress. Letâ’s discover one of the most important designs by the studio that is the focus of the sixth event in The Architects Series, the cultural event at the Iris Ceramica Groupâ’s SpazioFMGperl’Architettura exhibition space.

How Severud engineers are going to lift historic Palace Theater as part of $2B retail development

In a first in the United States, a theater will be permanently raised off the ground and tucked into the new $2.5 billion TSX Tower in Times Square.

“We are certainly no strangers to complex structural engineering projects, but this is one of the most complex assignments we have ever undertaken in our 90-year history,” said Cawsie Jijina, principal at Severud Associates, the consulting engineering firm entrusted with the complex assignment by developers L&L Holding Company and Maefield Development.

NYU Langone Health Science Building: Higher Education/Research Best Project 2018

The 365,000-sq-ft, 18-story NYU Langone Health Science Building was in the design phase when Hurricane Sandy deluged the campus, prompting the project owner to mandate that the team implement major overhauls in hardening the building and its infrastructure.

See the transformation of a NYC landmark into the Moynihan Train Hall

The James A. Farley Post Office building is one of Manhattan’s most storied structures: It was completed in 1913 by the office of McKim, Mead & White, intended to complement the firm’s grand Penn Station, which was located across the street. In 1966, after the demolition of the majestic old train hall, the Farley building became one of the first structures to gain protection under the city’s new Landmarks Law.

Rottet Studio and Studios Architecture Renovate the New York Stock Exchange

It was early afternoon, and the trading floor of that neoclassical temple of commerce, the New York Stock Exchange, was speckled with people quietly gazing at jagged lines rising and falling on screens. Not many years ago, the financial district site would have been marked by people shouting, scribbling traders, and ticker tape littered on the floor. Today, however, trading is conducted silently, around the clock, and largely beyond the physical premises of Wall Street. But at 226 years old, the NYSE is an institution of vast cultural importance, as well as a place where people continue to labor at desks, chew on steak, and hold board meetings. The legendary bell that signals the opening of the market at 9:30 AM continues to ring.

Ennead Architects: Bridge for Laboratory Sciences a Poughkeepsie

Ennead Architects’ project at Vassar College revolves around a wooded area along a stream, Fonteyn Kill, where nineteenth-century philanthropist Matthew Vassar founded the science university that bears his name. The stream was and still is famous for purity of its waters and the wealth of microinvertebrate species that inhabit it, and environmental projects have been implemented to protect it. Vassar College still pursues its mission of protecting Fonteyn Kill and its fauna, and has founded a new science laboratory featuring iconic, highly representative architecture, known as the Bridge for Laboratory Sciences building.

Mass Concreting

By J. Benjamin Alper, P.E., S.E., and Cawsie Jijina, P.E., SECB
There are many issues that arise when one places mass concrete, specifically as it relates to reinforced concrete elements in buildings.
These elements, which most typically include reinforced mat foundations, pile caps, footings, piers, and transfer elements, differ from other
reinforced structures such as dams and retaining walls due to high stresses, quantities of steel reinforcement, and the use of high strength concrete. Mass concrete element placement in buildings, therefore, presents unique challenges.