Principal Thoughts

The Seagram Building

In  1955, when the average cost of a new house was $10,950, average yearly wages were about $4,000, and the price of a black and white TV was $99.95, Severud Elstad Kruger Associates was retained as the structural engineer on the $36 million Seagram Building project in Manhattan. Working with acclaimed architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson, Severud developed a structural system that became the prototype for high-rise buildings around the world. (more…)

A Legacy of Designing Schools

Eighty-five years ago, around the time the Yankees were playing the Cardinals in the 25th World Series, Norwegian-born Fred N. Severud was hanging a nameplate on the door of his new engineering firm. The year was 1928, and the firm was Fred N. Severud Consulting Engineer, known today as Severud Associates.

Over the years, Mr. Severud’s name has become associated with several renowned structures, including the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, but his first project at his newly formed firm was the St. Nicholas of Tolentine School in Queens, New York. Working with architect John Taylor Egan, Mr. Severud provided structural engineering services for a school that was established in 1929 and originally staffed by the Sisters of Charity of Halifax. (more…)